Why are Rechargeable LED Lamps so good!


In a world where everyone is looking for the sustainable option LED lighting is a great choice! It not only offers beautiful light that is produced far more efficiently than traditional CFL or incandescent bulbs but offers great cost savings. LED lights have a very long lifespan using less than 75% of the energy required to power a traditional incandescent bulb(US Dept of Energy) giving both financial ongoing savings along with reducing the waste incurred with traditional lighting methods.

But there is more! In an environment like a home, hotel bar or restaurant where liquid fuel cells, candles or tea lights are being used there is a significant environmental impact. Yes that twinkling candle on the table causes greenhouse gas emissions and relies on fossil fuels like petroleum based paraffin wax.

Fuel cells are very popular in the hospitality world, but did you know the containers are made from single use PET that contain petroleum based kerosene, and while this burns relatively “Clean” it is actually emitting the same particulate pollution that comes from a car exhaust.

The advantage of LED Lamps are enormous, helping reduce a recurring cost for a hospitality business, reducing the amount of waste, helping with their decarbonisation plans and ultimately saving money.